‘The Heart Increases In Size And The Chambers Dilate’…

September 10, 2011 at 7:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Is what I read in a scientific book at a time when the weakness called hatred was consuming my insides.

Who would have thought that one can potentially find pleasantries and meaningful connotations in scientific journals these days? In fact, it is rarer these days to find a few consolatory words in hours of incessant talk with another human, who you approached for the sole purpose of being knocked some sense into.

I think this quote may motivate me to stop hating certain people after seeing one side of them that is defective and not perfect. After all, there is no grace in being delusional and wasting your energy over thoughts that reiterate themselves in your head until they become engraved and you know your entire hate speech by heart. Humans are meant to possess more than one dimension, and the other side could be diamond even if you can only see the coal now.

If I have been a troll, I say now that even a troll like me wants to redeem themselves and let their ventricles increase in powerful positive ionotropy and chronotropy; until the blood stops trickling through the veins it once traversed through with love and goodness, and until both atria cease to exist.


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