About me?

I refuse most adamantly. I detest limiting my character and soul to words; I do not leave myself to their mercy- no matter how obstinately verbose I am otherwise.

Here are some rough notes pertaining to my identity that you should be acquainted with though, in order to understand my blog-

Muslim. Medical student.  Love and acknowledge people only for the sake of Allaah. Slightly misanthropic. Lover of something that starts with ‘J‘ (and no, it’s not the poem ‘Jabberwocky’).



  1. http://mindoverpropaganda.wordpress.com/ said,

    I love your honesty – and… eccentricity? 🙂

  2. Samuel Snoek-Brown said,

    Just saw you’d subscribed to my blog. Thanks for reading! I look forward to exploring your blog as well.

    All the best! 🙂

    • Mendaxxx said,

      Aw thanks! I found your resume impressive, as soon as I saw ‘phD in creative writing ‘ I was like O_O subscribe!

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