Uhh… Bon Appetit?

December 16, 2016 at 9:56 pm (Uncategorized)

You know what? You cannot always have an entirely pure existence. The waves of the ocean have to crash violently against the shore after a long period of calm. I warn you beforehand about graphic details that can (quite literally) make your stomach turn, in the lines that follow.

It happened yesterday.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I had what medics like me studied in our 4th year microbiology class- I had a dastardly encounter with Bacillus Cereus (or perhaps his comrade Staphylococcus Aureus, if you like)- the famous Chinese Fried Rice syndrome.

It was pretty bad. Between you and me, I am reminded of Boerhaave*.

I went to the restaurant the next day. The thought of going there was in itself nauseating. This was a VERY famous line of Chinese restaurants- you have it in every corner of the UAE. I’m not sure if it was the rice or the meat that caused the trouble, but the branch I went to cooked beef for ONLY 10-15 minutes. After writing a complaint (so that it never happens to another customer again), I decided to leave no stone unturned, and personally speak to that wretch, the chef. He was accordingly summoned.

I must note here, without digressing, that playing the part of a good samaritan carries its own burdens. I was, that evening, fated to see a booger in the chef’s left nostril that quaintly resembled the flecks of egg in the chinese rice he made the other day.

Moral: I am never eating Chinese food outside in my life. Never. Everything we eat outside can be made at home as well, if we really try. The recipes are all out there. What a person makes for strangers will always be dangerous unless someone with a conscience AND with knowledge about food hygiene is making it. We do NOT know what goes on in the kitchen of the best restaurants, and I hope you look no further than my own experience to enlighten you.

*Boerhaave- In the 1700s, Boerhaave described a deadly syndrome in which a person’s food pipe ruptures after intense vomiting against a closed glottis.


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