March 22, 2014 at 6:19 pm (Uncategorized)

I do myself the honour of reblogging something I wrote a few years back as a fresh, impressionable medical student. Now, as a doctor working in this tough, cruel world amongst tobacco addicts who are the messiahs of our society (i.e. doctors/consultants), I present this to you and to myself again.

When your own doctor smokes, you have a right to be disillusioned and misanthropic.


The confounded thing about the pictures above is the piece of provocative, startling irony displayed on top of the box of fags. The traders of the cigarette- the very same multimillionaire murderers who are a cancer in our community- show the buyer a glimpse of death and sheer gore; and yet, the buyer puts it to his lips and kisses it!

He embraces his own destruction, and as good as feeds his own murderer.

And really, this issue is interesting. It is interesting to know what goes on in the brain of a human who goes to great lengths to contribute to the sustenance of someone who helps in slowly killing him. Neither does he care about himself, and neither does he care about his loved ones who are forced to become passive smokers because they live with him. He expresses his love to his wife by buying her…

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