April 17, 2012 at 9:45 pm (Uncategorized)

I have fallen in love with this word, and perhaps irrevocably.

So when I read a BBC business and technology-related article about how data is the epicenter of marketing promise, I am naturally aroused. The guy who wrote the article works for an establishment that makes software that processes human information, or unstructured data, including social media, email, video, audio, text and web pages.

Here are a few paragraphs from the l-o-n-g article I took time out to read:

In the business world, information has traditionally been housed in databases.

This has been an effective way to keep information safe and stored in a uniform fashion. However, the database was created as a way to work around the limitations computers had half a century ago.

As the majority of information flowing through organisations today is unstructured or ‘human information’ (90%), such as text, email, video, and audio, and therefore impossible to box into traditional databases, being able to manage that information so you know where it is and process it so you know what it means is essential.

For instance, you could store customer-service call centre recordings into a database if you really had to, but you would have no idea whether the customer was happy or not. This is exactly the type of insight businesses want to know after all.

To understand them, organisations have to take a new approach to managing and uncovering the meaning of their data. The next-age information platforms make sense of, and understand the meaning of, information and use it to solve problems, in order to give businesses a better understanding of themselves, their customers and the competition.

Very nice. I get the point. But where is the solution- how do we contrive meaning from ‘human information’ that is possible to analyse numerically? You rant on and on about something cool and then end abruptly without a solution?

Awesome formula for pissing your readers off.

And by the by, what customer-related ‘human information’ is this and where does it come from? These are pertinent questions that are not often addressed, except in leaks 🙂 The guy who wrote the above-mentioned article happens to be a big-wig who works for HP, a commercial firm that is part of the mass surveillance industry that has played an internet monitoring prank with it’s customers. I am not impressed.


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