Exam? I Pick Up Robbins, And…

April 16, 2012 at 6:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I am a rebel, a cynic, a passionate muckraker- whatever you like. And dear to my heart are attempts to break apart the normal mundanity many entities (and things) in this life so tiresomely exhibit.

But when I see figures of speech and similes, the like of which are: ‘The story begins with‘, ‘Together, RANK ligand and M-CSF conspire to convert macrophages into bone-crunching osteoclasts’, ‘fractures as readily as a piece of chalk‘, in a medical book, imagine what happens to my soul.

Robbins. Are you narrating Aesop’s fables?

If text is supposed to be scientific, its credibility is compromised when the author tries to add the ooh and aah effect with their literary embellishes. Scientific research published in journals with high impact factors often annoy scientific connoisseurs with a similar tabloid-like take on scientific matters. Look– you’re writing about Science. Science is supposed to be boring. And formal. YOU are supposed to be boring, and formal. Being otherwise is treason.

Robbins trying to be cool.


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