The Box Of Smokes I Had Blogged About Several Days Back Was Discovered By My Cleaning-lady While She Was Dusting Behind The Clock On My Desk Where I Had Hidden It.

November 25, 2011 at 8:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I am a girl. I do not smoke. I am a passionate person. I am passionate in my loathing towards people who smoke. I do not- I reiterate, I do not– like or promote smokers. In fact, in some of my free time, I most solemnly aim my cynical bazooka their way.

And when my cleaning lady finds a pack of cigarettes behind my clock (history: it was a pack my friend found in our college’s cafeteria, which she was showing to me, and which i had procured to take pictures of so that I could put it up on this blog here:, ignoring it, replacing the clock in it’s nook, and dusting whilst proceeding on with our normal conversation (me being oblivious to her discovering it)- imagine what went through my soul the minute I randomly picked my clock up after the episode.

Please, no! Don’t tell me that happened?

I laughed a laugh of shock and shame.

After thinking it over (and after all those reproaches about being oaf-headed that I had tormented myself with) , I decided to leave the pack of cigarettes out on my desk in a way by which it was more easily visible, so that the next time she dusts my table, she would be forced to ask, ‘Mimsy, what in the world is this?’ and then I could proceed on to explain and defend my person most valiantly.

A situation where someone sees something they shouldn’t have seen, and keeps mum about it out of civility or because they simply do not want to get involved, is much more gauche and mortifying than if they’d straightforwardly questioned you on the spot about the forbidden thing they’d seen.

But that was not the only gorming incident that happened. I think the very same day, a respectful junior, who studies in my college, entered my room in order to ask me for some notes.

I attend to her as a knowledgeable seniour,  only to discover, after she leaves, the box of cigarettes leering out from the same conspicuous location on my desk- naked for the eye to see and ogle at.



  1. gurguray-chan said, do you still have it? i want to see it too and send it to the forensic science laboratory to know whether.. yennow 😉

  2. Mendaxxx said,

    Hahahahahah shut up! Out of all the cold, cruel people out there in the world YOU chose not to believe me after such a defensive rant?! 😛 What kind of a friend are you?

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