On Pariahs And Racketeers.

November 23, 2011 at 6:59 pm (Uncategorized)

A pariah amongst your peer,

Yo’ momma was a racketeer.

The parlance above is a yo’ momma joke I had made up when I was 16-18 years old, back in those old days when making light of one’s own mother was in vogue (an abominable trend I am now sorry to have been intrigued by).

But have a look at the philosophy behind this mono rhyme.  It hints at a social taboo of the past- having a mother infamous in the arena of vulgarity or violence or other such evil shockers.

In this age- 2011- this taboo is now worth flaunting. It is now worth flaunting a mother with tattoos on her back, a mother who half the male species are crazy about, a mother who exposes her body to a billion people around the world (I am so glad my mother is not Shakira), or a mother who is a part-time mafioso.

I remember my friend’s mother, from the time when I was in my pre-teens. My friend, her mum, some other friends and I were walking around the neighbourhood, when some men started staring my friend’s mum’s way (she was usually dressed provocatively, and that day was no exception). I think I asked her at that point if she would prefer to take another course? Moreover, I think I distinctly remember her laughter after that, and the girlish-impish way in which she said ‘let the men enjoy‘, and I think I remember not being able to restrain my look of disgust (a habit I still have- I consider it a mortal injustice to hide my contempt in such situations).

I felt sorry for my friend.

And now? And now, guv’, I keep my sympathy with myself. Because amorous mothers who everyone is raving about are like a rare peacock’s feather in your bonnet kept there for the purpose of ostentatious exhibition- they are a revered strata of human in our society.


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