Mr. Chirikai ft. Mr. Ghoyai- Pump Up The AAAAAAAARGHHHH.

November 7, 2011 at 9:43 am (Uncategorized)

I am presently at my Uncle’s house for my Eid holidays. I have been here for the past couple of days, tolerating the modest decibels emitted from Mr. Ghoyai and Mr. Chirikai- both noble, amiable acquaintances– who live in some land next to Uncle’s house, near my bedroom window.

Isn't Mr.Chirikai gorgeous? He get's scared in the plot, even though Mr.Ghoyai and the chickens keep him company. We have to take him to the veranda at night (which is also right next to my room, thanks very much).

Mr.Ghoyai. Ugh! So beautiful, too, isn't he? We think it's him with the arrghs- he never does it in front of me but he looks capable of it.

Some random chickie babes who gave Mr. Ghoyai and Mr. Chirikai company.

Mr. Chirikai is nice and innocent. He lets out unperturbed bleats every now and then. But Mr. Ghoyai? Mr. Ghoyai is worse than a wrathful Spartan; indeed, close to Hagar the Horrible himself. He positively ‘aarghs’ and ‘ughs’. There is no 21st century onomatopoeia I can rack my head up for that is pertinent enough to describe his… sonorous stochasticity.

So whenever I try to read about cor bovinum, or listen to something on YouTube, it’s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH and BA A A A A AAA and UGHHH coinciding with conspiracy theories and wronged whistleblowers -.-

Do I love them both? Of course I do. Look at how delicious they look, don’t you just want to kiss them both and tell them that you forgive them their Hertz?

Eid Sa’eed, taqabbal Allaah minna wa minkum- may Allaah Bless you with a peaceful, pleasant Eid and lots and lots of bovinum! Ameen :3 Allaah is Great!

Chirikai: In my language, it means ‘goat’. Ghoyai means ‘cow’.


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