The Abode We Live In.

October 30, 2011 at 7:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Mai nichi mai nichi

Onaji koto wa kurikaeshi

Kono yo wa….


The Japanese above seems like it came directly from my heart. It is a quote from a fictitious show I had watched years back- and it rings in my mind today. It is roughly:

Day after day

The same monotony

This world is surely…


When the world’s monotony is a good sort of monotony- faith in Allaah, love, peace, respect, flowers, harmony, tranquility- it is pleasing to me. But because it is a despicable, macabre sort of monotony with lies, vice, big bad wolves and carnal desires- whether people chastise me for being a pessimist or a misanthrope- I shall be truthful  and call it what it is; rotten.

And why not, when the world revels in it’s depravement? You are ugly to me, World, and I am glad I will not live in you forever.


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