What A Crack May Whisper To You.

October 20, 2011 at 10:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Why do bloggers meander on about frivolous nothings that happen during their day?

I cannot confess to say I am excluded from this particular strata of human being, and from the typical failings this class possesses.

I have often had urges to write about a crack in the door (and so I have, if you’ve read one of my older posts), about how queerly my Aunt resembles Lizaveta Prokofyevna in ‘The Idiot’ by Fyodor, about how I bit a smear of left-over chocolate off my friend’s finger today, and about how the maid at my Uncle’s house chose to eat her dinner in the room I was sleeping in; seated next to my bed and peering at me.

Why do the most random things interest mankind? Is it because they have nothing better to observe? Would they write about the gossamer their eye fixed on on an evening of thunder, lightening and rain- ignoring the thunder and turbulence for the flimsy gossamer?

I mean, I almost wrote about how someone I am closely acquainted with paid a rickshaw guy more money for ‘amusing her when he stuck his foot in mid-air for the longest time out of the rickshaw’ the other day.

And really, I have a theory for this. The inner soul of a blogger may not always want to say what is in her heart straight out. She would rather tell you this through parables and enigmas; through cracks and cobwebs and other such trifles– and hope that through them, you can peer through her sangfroid, stoic visage and look into her heart.



  1. bozo said,

    Its not that hard to understand really. Anything out of the norms is always interesting. And interesting is readable.

  2. Miss S. said,

    Well… a lot of them just look like mindless ranting flaunting writing bizarre writing technique of late.

  3. Miss S. said,

    flaunting bizarre writing technique* sorry about the two writing. Makes me look like I’m not the one to make a comment ^^

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