Good Morning, Miss Mimsy!

October 17, 2011 at 9:27 am (Uncategorized)

Why, hello there. How would you like to wake up to see something like this in the wee hours of your morning?

Early Morning Eurghness.

I think I should explain why I chose to show you the above image. I woke up today to find that the bus that normally takes me to the hospital, at 7:40-something, for my surgery rotation had just left (the THIRD time this month). I was still in bed, rolling around and refusing to get up because I was left behind anyway. I got up then, in a fit of guilt, and decided to make up for my stricken conscience (some delinquents have a conscience, too; you never know if they’re sheltering lone-lorn kitties in their sweaters on a clammy winter night) by watching a few pathology videos.

The bloke who made the videos, may God Give him the truth, decided that he could use the graphic picture above to sort of freak the heck out of me so early in the morning. I literally had to cover those… hideous gnashers on the screen with my hand. Those black things. To concentrate on the lesions of his tongue (which were also in want of covering, but the topic this professor was teaching was based on those tongue ulcers and swellings).

And do you know what causes these eye-gropers? Mostly smoking.

So all you smokers out there, please stomp on those fags. I don’t want to see that species of mouth in my clinic early in the morning after I graduate, if you please. I’ve had my baptism of fire.


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  1. gurguray-chan said,

    Ahahahaha mara those black things lol

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