Miss S.

October 15, 2011 at 10:42 pm (Uncategorized)

I love your infantile smile, your sprightly laugh, and the way you hug me when I am in one of those notoriously dangerous moods of mine.

My thoughts and love for you is raw; pure and unadulterated. I loved you since the time we were first acquainted and you forced me over to your place, where we bonded through food, make-up and laughter!

You even got a rebellious Miss. Mimsy to study for a quarter of an hour or so, that day, didn’t you? 🙂

You made me watch a movie with you that you were inspired by, and that made you cry. You thought something your baby heart could cry over would achieve a similar effect on a creature like me! I kiss your naivety. And how was it, how was it when I laughed myself insensible at the movie, and that even now I smile over how disappointed you were with me over my reaction?

You entered class today and pulled my unsuspecting cheek while I was listening to the teacher. How much did I adore you then, my bird- I stroke my cheek where your hand touched it and I feel loved!

Oh, how I love feeling loved by you, my sweet amie, my heart!

I love you, Miss. S. I love you for not abandoning me when my heart was weak, and for waiting for me just like the faithful, darling sister you are- and just like you said you would <2.5



  1. Miss S. said,

    Thanks a lot ^^ I love you too 😛

    • Mendaxxx said,

      YOU IMPOSTER! 😛 Don’t pretend to be Miss S. AGAIN hahaha 😀

      (:P Our older sister just got a skype request from some weirdo called Abudoudoudou hahahahha; it randomly popped up just now).

  2. Miss S. said,

    What’re you talking about o: after making me such a lovely post! well anyway… probably because her skype address is half as weirdly spelled.

  3. gurguray-chan said,

    Aha! finally =D i was confused while reading it whether it really was about Miss S ..;p the word `love` was used so many times that i literally felt like counting it =p but there hasnt been any invention of a certain instrument that could measure love, i guess..^_^
    May Allah make us the companions of jannatul firdaus ameen..<2.5 was enough to prove that it really was meant for this girl with infantile smile, And sprightly laughs..=p love you loads.. i remember everything thing every moment we spent together___ from day one; when you were scared to let them draw your blood out for the test hahaha you were all pale, asking the staff over & again whether you really had to go through it lol

  4. Mendaxxx said,

    AMEEN! Hahaha, I am so glad you read this <2.5 It truly came out from my heart, and I was sort of nervous about you reading this for that reason :* I love you <2.5 T_T

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