Is It Just Me…

October 13, 2011 at 12:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Or are there other entities in this world that would like to ninja-trip those grimy, foul and pathetic opposite-gender-members who do not give you place to go up a narrow stair case?

They come thundering down the stairs you’re ascending like they’re fee, fie, foe, fum- knowing that you barely have any place and knowing (perhaps with enormous satisfaction) that in order to avoid colliding with them, you get squashed to the wall next to the stair case.

Forget holding the door to a lady, ‘Mr.Etiquette’. Please do us the favour of moving your fat head from the way next time.



  1. Mariam said,

    That happened to me the other day -.-

    • Mendaxxx said,

      I know, doesn’t it piss you off? Some KID did this to me; the audacity! D<

  2. Miss S. said,

    Meh. You will never get a rishta. This is what Pakistani men do and abide by ^^ digest it ^^ speaking of rishtas, i need to have a chitchat with you over tea very soon… come on msn kthnxbai.

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