Surah Al Jumuah.

October 9, 2011 at 7:42 pm (Uncategorized)

One of my favourite reciters of the Holy Qur’an, Fahd Salem Al-Kanderi, stirs the heart in the following video of his recitation of Surah Al Jumu’ah (Friday):


Abdullah bin Mas’ud, may Allah be pleased with him, once said,

 “The reciter of the Qur’an must be known by his night while the people are sleeping, by his day while the people are not fasting, by his crying while the people are laughing, by his devotion and fear of Allah while the people are mingling, by his silence while the people are talking, by his humility while the people are boasting and by his grieving while the people are rejoicing.”

Muhammad bin Kafa said,

”We would recognize the reciter of the Qur’an by the yellowness of his skin that indicated spending the night in prayer and reciting the Qur’an.”

Wuhaib bin Al-Ward narrated that someone said to a man, “Do you not sleep?” 

He answered, “The marvelous nature of the Qur’an chased away my sleep.”

And Dhun-Noon has said in lines of poetry,

”The Qur’an has stopped, by its promises and threats, the eyes from sleeping at night, They understand from the Great Lord His Speech; an understanding that makes the necks submit and surrender.”



  1. gurguray-chan said,

    subhanaAllah,,also try to listen to Al-Ghamadi version of it.. inshaAllah

    • Mendaxxx said,


      I love Sa’ad Al Gahmdi. Have you listened to his version of the nasheed ‘ghuraba’? I like the first few lines a lot 🙂

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