October 5, 2011 at 6:11 pm (Uncategorized)

In my native language, ‘titi’ means ‘baby’. It’s what my family calls our youngest one, Sarah. She is 18 today.

My baby sister is 18 years old! The infant with the fluffy hair and bunny teeth who I’d rub cream on, after her showers, has reached the legal age.

After a while, she will die and so will I. May Allaah Give us both a house in the garden of Eden; may He always Keep us close together. May He Make us both live together with Him in love and harmony; Ameen.






  1. Sarah said,

    ;___; *hug* I feel like you’re my mommy. this is awesome btw, it really helped my mood go from the worst to mellow ❤ love you *headdesk*

  2. Mendaxxx said,

    I love you, too, my sweetheart.

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