The Awkward Moment When Your Senior Becomes Your Examiner.

October 4, 2011 at 1:32 pm (Uncategorized)

I had my clinical examinations skills assessed today at the hospital by various, ‘qualified’ people at different stations.

The hilarity that faced me so spontaneously today must be attributed to our seniors at medical college who graduated recently and are now our house officers.

Who we once would diss and laugh at were now examining our skills and giving us marks that could affect us failing or passing.

I only realize that when I go up to a station and see a certain, familiar house officer, who points at the question pasted on the station:

‘Take this patient’s history of pain’.

I am very much amused, and proceed on to asking the patient some questions.

I’ll be jiggered if I could say this was easy, because I felt like THE FOLLOWING was going to happen (because I cannot control my emotions for toffee):

Ms.Mimsy to the patient: So how severe is your pain? *Snigger*

Which could probably induce my senior to wrench off my marks or look at me with a ‘how could you be so cruel, you meanie’ face.

Anyway, I managed to ask the patient questions without sniggering or chuckling. Approaching the end of this interview, he asks me very suddenly: ‘What is the diagnosis you have in mind?’

I’m like… gall stones?

He’s like, okay, what is the disease called?

I KNEW it was cholelithiasis, but I don’t know why in the world I said ‘I don’t know’. I ended up nagging myself for blurting out absolute tishtosh; Mimsy, look what you’ve done, you’ve let him think you’re a dolt.

So much for laughing at seniors who ‘dared’ to examine you. Go on, oh you who read my blog. Have a nice little laugh at me. I think I deserve it.



  1. gurguray-chan said,

    Ahaha.. i took the history so quickly and perfectly except for asking the site of the pain..=p which is the only way we can make propable ddx.. lol he gave me full marks before i told him myself that i missed the very first question to be asked in pains history =p im such a goof

    • Mendaxxx said,

      Hahhahaha I can expect that from you! 😀 Another senior of ours read this post and actually guessed who our examiner was 😉 😛 How unethical of me to leave so many hints around 😛

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