Miss N.

October 3, 2011 at 8:18 pm (Uncategorized)

This girl is raucous, wild, eccentric, feisty, blunt- and my type. Here’s roughly what she’s like when she comes to visit me:

*Miss N. bursting through the door*


Miss Mimsy: Please calm down, don’t die here-

Miss N.: No, I insist that I am DYINGGGGGGGG, I hate this place (our medical school, I presume) and I’m seriously DYINGGGGGGG- oh, what’s this your wearing?

Miss Mimsy: Eh? This is an Arabic dress.

*Miss N. eyes me for a while, looks upwards wistfully and then flops on to the bed*. 

Miss N.: T_T Mimsy, tell me how to survive!

This is round about how our daily tryst begins normally. We whine about the people and the place and buildings and the cats that make up the institution that we are part of ourselves. We frown and make crying faces at each other, only to laugh with derision after a while at the object of our hatred.

As silly and capricious we may seem; we get along very well- us cynics. I love her honesty; even her telling me yesterday that she put her ear up close to my door to hear what I was doing inside my room because I wasn’t opening the door for her (I was listening to something on my headphones). Normally I would get freaked out by this stalkerish behaviour, but it’s cute when it’s Miss. N.

I had told her quite a few times that I wanted to write about her, but would stall it for another time because her eccentricities are not very easily encompassed and summarized in a single blog post. I would be like: ‘Ah, I was going to write about you today but I didn’t because I wanted to write something else, so there’. I am writing about her here, knowing that she never reads my blog (and perhaps precisely because she never reads my blog).

I like you Miss. N! There. I’ve said it 🙂



  1. gurguray-chan said,

    May be someday you could find some time to write about Miss
    S too =/

    • Mendaxxx said,

      Oh come on -.- I wrote about her in such a loving manner BECAUSE she doesn’t check my blog as obediently as a certain Miss. S does 😉 How can I show her my face after complimenting her so much? 😛

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