Insert An Adjective For Your Face.

September 6, 2011 at 8:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Hilarity cannot be described better, or inscribed better than in the photographs young girls and boys take of themselves these days.


Consider the situation of a young guy with an intense expression staring into the camera, his hair styled to its maximum advantage, his face and neck in a dangerously critical pose- and in the background, a random toilet seat with the tissue rolls and the other stuff you normally find in the loo.




At least keep your toilets to yourself if you’re going to upload that kind of racket onto Facebook for the world to see!


Toilet shots are the worst, only second to those pictures of you simpering into the camera with all your make-up on, only to find someone’s toe or huge belly in the background.


I mean, I can understand a mother’s plight. A mother (and a close acquaintance of mine) once complained to me about how her mobile phone is full of pictures of her teenage son with spiked hair and the usual goo that kind puts on their head (the 24th century version of Bear’s grease).


Is taking all these photo shoots of yourself stark raving conceited or is it just me? Trust in me my friend; you would probably not want to show those ridiculous shots to your kids. Or to your other half in the future :’)



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