Eid Sa’eed!

August 31, 2011 at 11:48 am (Uncategorized)

Oh my God! I went to this place near my house where they have Eid prayers early in the morning, and I must say, it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had recently!

I saw people from different races and ages glorifying Allaah, people smiling and praying on the roads near the Eid prayer area because it was OVER-FLOWING with lovely people and there was no place inside. Little kids in their floppy, new, tent-like dresses with frills and lace were playing and running around the worshipers.

And this one woman- I could not take my eyes off her. To such an extent that my little sister had to remind me that I was being a creep when I was turning my face almost 360 degrees to look at her until she was out of sight.

I do not stare at people like this, normally, just in case the thought is crossing your mind right now.

But this sister was covered up completely, with gloves and black socks- completely in black! Her eyes showed, sparkling with piety- and only our God Knows best how pious and beautiful she must be. She was trying to enter the Masjid with her graceful and youthful walk, but could not enter because it was full. I looked at her, hoping to make eye contact so that I could wish her a blessed Eid, but she didn’t see me, even though I was right in front of her. I was too shy to go up to her and shake her hand, but only God Knows how much I loved her at first sight, and how much I should have liked to know her! May Allaah Give us beauty and grace like that; the ability to be so beautiful and pleasant to the eye and heart- I could not see her and have never seen her face but I knew at once that I loved her.

Apart from this beautiful experience on my first day of Eid, (I am aware how many times I may have fatigued you with the word ‘beautiful’ through the course of this post), I got to visit many people with my family- relatives and old family friends (I went to the place I grow up in as a kid). One of my family friends who we haven’t met in ages even baked cakes for us the day before we came ^^. I found it very thoughtful because it shows love and care even though we don’t get to talk much, and even though people our age can’t be arsed enough to do stuff like BAKING in their free time. I’ve always thought baking something for someone was like putting your heart in their hands.

Which reminds me, my old time family friend’s mum who isn’t even Muslim (Greek Orthodox Christian) baked us stuff the night before Eid, too. It’s this ritual she goes through every Eid we meet up šŸ™‚ ā¤ May Allaah Give her Islam, ameen.

May Allaah Bless your Eid with splendour, piety and love- you, your family and loved ones! Ameen. May Allaah Keep us steadfast in prayer and in having a generous, fantastic personality; may Allaah Keep us in the company of the righteous people we love. Ameen!

Satan and the devils are out once again, and we need to hold tight together in good faith lest we slip and become of those that are the unfortunate.

God Willing ā¤



  1. Miry said,

    Errrrmmm ”I could not see her and have never seen her face but I knew at once that I loved her” – not lesbian are you? lol i found tht a lil disturbing but yeah, i baked a cake for my friend n she turned into this syco-name-calling bitch n we dont speak anymore – is tht insane or wat?

  2. Mendaxxx said,

    We’ve discussed this topic before and it’s obvious that I’m not homo D< it's sisterly love ā¤

    And in reference to the second complaint šŸ˜› aren't you calling her names as well (; it happens a lot to me too T_T

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