August 4, 2011 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

My mother woke me up at about 1PM yesterday, to drag me off for some shopping. She’s been on a diet for a long time, and since she saw some woman on the telly conjuring up some steaming chocolate chip-banana muffins, she was determined to buy all the flashy ingredients involved.

While shopping with Mummy, I was happy to find two classics I haven’t read so far (Dickens- one of my favourite authors who I publicly acknowledge to like, and Austen- the famous novelist who is all about society and romance and setting one’s cap at a man and making conquests and other such trifles that a significant number of sensible readers in this age detest and find inartful, not to mention housewifish. Being a woman, I can’t help but fall for that kind of bait).

This is what the remaining batter from the muffins looked like before I chucked it in the oven:

And this is what the little darlings looked like with Mother Heart after their ordeal in the oven (the knife is significant but not for sadistic motives, I solemnly tell you. I had to drive it in the cake to see if it came out clean; indicating the end of my baking adventure):


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