August 1, 2011 at 11:09 pm (Uncategorized)

‘Do not depend on anyone excessively, because your own shadow leaves you in darkness’– Ibn Taymiyah.

(: I have read this quote many times, and have pondered about it more than once.

But even after believing in it firmly, at some point in your life you find yourself in a position where you were wrong about a person you loved and cherished to the extreme- and for the nth time.

You were wrong about depending on them too much; depending on them to be good, to be constant and to be your companion forever.

Deep in your heart this rule wasn’t applicable to that special person. But people change as if to spite you deliberately.

How many times can a human’s heart break before it becomes stone?

The only entity who remains constant in His love for you is the Most Merciful. He Wipes your tears and Gives you the strength to get over a person you have loved to extremes for most of your life, and who has disappointed you. The soul knows nothing more sweet than the love of her Lord. You will most certainly die alone, and face Him after your death in person; alone, solitary and without a single loved one!

My God, who should I draw close to?

I am scorned and shunned by every type of person.

My God, be my Guardian-Watcher…

For I am a traveler in the dark mountains!



  1. Miry said,

    waow! that’s amazing! loved this and it’s so true! thanks!

    • Mendaxxx said,

      ❤ I'm so glad you liked it, even though it took a lot of depression to write 😛

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