July 31, 2011 at 8:57 am (Uncategorized)

Just in case some of you did not know this, I happen to be this old time quasi/pseudo blogger you could trace all the way back to when I was about fifteen.

The reason for the usage of the term I just coined up- ‘quasi/pseudo blogger’- is to pave way for an embarassing confession I am about to make.


I didn’t know how to make a blog until very recently. Before that, I’d write notes on my Facebook account that were only accessible to my mates on FB. I’d pretend that I was a blogger, except that I couldn’t be formally referred to as one since I didn’t actually own a blog, but just a measly FB account. I tell you though; I was a true blogger at heart from the start and used to be as outre and as geeky as one.

I would still have been writing lame old notes on Facebook (more comments and more views there+no stalkers or any need for anonymity since my notes were private), were it not for the eventual contamination of FB at the hands of perverts (who like pretending to be your friend via fake, impersonating profiles), and other such predators or stalkers (who wanted to force their ‘sweet friendship’ on you). I left Facebook forever.

I had to write somewhere, which was what compelled me to stop being a douche bag and actually bother to figure out how to make one’s own WordPress. Do you consider my ignorance obtuse or refreshing? It doesn’t matter really, because that is not the point of this blog post. The point of this post is to point out to you my intention of re-posting some of my old time posts onto this blog; including one of the first few Facebook articles I wrote long back when I was as wee as 15/16 (GCSE times). God Willing.

Is the proposition exciting? 😀 A lot of you old-timers probably remember reading this, so sorry for the unremarkable ritual I am putting you through :3


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