July 31, 2011 at 11:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Ramadan Kareem! By Allaah, this is MY FAVOURITE time of the year and I am very happy that I can spend it with my family at home, Alhamdulillaah!

Just some advice (and a reminder to myself): Whatever new good deeds you want to start practicing in this month should be a constant effort; and not something you’re going to ditch after Ramadan, insha Allaah.

Let’s try and do all the du’as we can, insha Allaah (before sleeping, when waking up, when going into the washroom, when coming out of the washroom,after prayers, the morning and evening du’as, and the ones for entering and leaving the masjid- all of these adhkaar can be found in Hisnulmuslim, http://www.hisnulmuslim.com/index-page-liste-lang-en.html). Also, try to do tahajjud, ad-duhaa, use the miswak, finish the Qur’an with translation and tafseer, listen to an islamic lecture by some cool scholars who provide references, INSHA ALLAH!

(To those peeps who don’t get all the 3arabic because they ain’t Muslim, I am zorry but bleaze accept Islam and bleaze learn this much 3arabic; it’ll save you from hell and you’ll be all happy and smiley in paradise, God Willing) :D:D:D xx

Please remember me in your du’as, my sweet sisters and brothers who I love for Allaah! Insha Allaah.


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