Notes On When I Listened To Some Voices.

July 20, 2011 at 1:02 am (Uncategorized)

Everything just shatters



When I hear this certain thing- not a ballad, but voices. Voices that remind me of talcum powder, the dusky sunlight of the place I was brought up in- a gossamer of sparkling, glorious dust! Of laughing in glee at the days of innocence just passing by; and me being oblivious to it and it’s goodness. A time when the heart is in a state of unadulterated blissful turmoil- the personification of nostalgia; nostalgia amplified!

Nostalgia that cuts to your heart and grows to form it’s own torturous niche.

Can you explain to a child to cherish her childhood? Her teenage years, and her parents. Her life before her death; before her speedy death?

And does it matter? How much can you cherish of walking, living death! The death you really were when you were born; should it be advised to try to slow down every minute and taste it’s succulent nectar?

Hedonism in this life or hard work so that the afterlife, which is eternal- with scarlet love and better talcum powder, is adorned for you? This life is between one voice, your male guardian calling the call to prayer in your ear and the other- the sigh of death!


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