What I Did For My Pathology Test

May 26, 2011 at 8:35 pm (Uncategorized)

It was this mega test that involved us studying a lot of purulent pathology

So one might ask, quite naturally- what are the potential booboos associated with this test that Mimsy should probably endeavour to hide from her parents?:

1) The fact that she studied pharmacology instead.

2) She went into the examination hall about 20 minutes late.

3) The Vice Principal, who also happens to be her final examiner, saw her walk in that late.

4) She didn’t bring a pencil or eraser for her MCQs (even though her father expressly asked her to do so before an exam).

5) She usually has this queer habit of laughing to herself when she sees questions on her paper that she has never attempted to listen to in her lectures, let alone study before the test. To the extent that she had to write down a ‘hahaha’ on her rough scrap of paper because she didn’t have the privilege of LOL-ing since the invigilator was standing right beside her.

6) Her name was announced in the examination hall because she had bunked a former exam. It was a request to please give it this time around.

7) She tried to leave the hall after looking around at a few guys in her class (the ones who leave the earliest; her partners in crime- the girls are stark goody-two-shoes).

8 ) She was the first girl to leave the class after finding that her brotherly comrades (mentioned above) did the honours first. 8)

9) She wishes there were a nine, and perhaps a ten, to allow her to be ranked with the finest and most artful of delinquents. After racking her brains and conscience for more horrors, she realizes that they aren’t any more. (She is thankful though, that this blog remains secret to this day from her parents, who recently learnt how to used the internet.)



  1. 666 said,

    You better start sucking up to me if you dont want dad to discover your blog because ‘SOMEONE’ linked them up. He is a fast learner. And mom is just cute

    • Maga Waga said,

      Ohh Mimsy’s beloved please let me do the honours of informing them!
      pretty please ❤

  2. 666 said,

    its quite refreshing to know I’m associated with a psychopath btw ❤ big ups with the pharma- hope it'll withstand your mood swings

  3. Mendaxxx said,

    You have my dad’s number, Miss H. If you backstab me like that, believe me, I have your home number too wahahaha 8) 😀

    • Maga Waga said,

      my friend you can call anytime!! luckily it is I or I’s siblings that pick up the phone ;p

  4. Ugly Shoelace said,


    • Mendaxxx said,

      Eh? What does that icon even mean? 😛

      • Maga Waga said,

        ” these be the eyes and this _ be the mouth now figure it out urself =p

  5. Mendaxxx said,

    And what do the brackets denote O_O

  6. ninja-bot said,

    I had a great laugh –
    thx mate

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