Swashbuckling Neanderthal

May 25, 2011 at 11:12 pm (Uncategorized)

My best mate showed me this ugly-as-the-back-of-my-converse performance that a weirdo ‘privileged’ his audience with.

It was a video on the internet (you know how those proper little pieces circulate).

So the *guy* (?) was breaking tube lights on himself (to the point of stark haemorrhage) and pretending to be a deprived, rejected lover (the girl was probably fortunate to escape).

This, whilst miming to some ballad about being crazy in love once upon a time.

Miming, with periodic slashings of tube lights on his chest. Biting and gnarling it into two until his mouth was a bloody mess. Like a crass dog; until he finally went into a fit of passion and smashed it on his head repeatedly. (I know I shouldn’t have laughed at that, but would it shock you less if you were to understand that it was a laugh of derision, wonder and spite?)

The sheer savagery.

You had to have substantially degraded to reach the sort of character he displayed on that stage, in front of his petty 20+ audience. What did he do it for? For fame? For some glad bucks?

Or was he someone who entertained feelings of a detestable, twisted love which was unrequited?

Do you see what the devil, what Satan does to a person- and what the person allows himself to be reduced to?

Of course you see. You see it everyday you disobey your Lord.

Something like this that may seem ugly to your eyes- has it occurred to you that maybe the slandering or the lies or the disobedient ‘ugh!’ you uttered so casually to your mother could have been uglier to Allaah than this deed the man allowed himself to commit?

This world is a deception and it will remain a deception because Allaah has Decreed it to be so.


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