May 21, 2011 at 4:13 pm (Uncategorized)

No actually, it’s Propofol. A potent anaesthetic/hypnotic that is replacing it’s rival Thiopental these days.

It takes you to zzz-land within 40 seconds of it’s administration by depressing your higher centers

and causes side effects that are excitatory, and slightly inconvenient (bearing in mind that this drug is used on humans about to be operated on):

1) Random muscle twitches.

2) Spontaneous movement of body parts.

3) Hiccups.

All on the operation table. The bloke who approved this drug- was he stupid or sadistic? Imagine a so-called ‘knocked-out’ patient exhibiting these… actions… around unsuspecting people about the O.T table. I mean, what if you potentially clip off of a freaking nerve during the proceeding of number two? Oh, the gore.

I was thinking of uploading an image exuding some classic Frankenstein gorey-gore but sorry comrades this is the most I can do, being too sensitive and lady-like.


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