Non-inspirational Tish-tosh.

May 21, 2011 at 10:08 pm (Uncategorized)

That is the body of most of the blogs I’ve seen. I’ve spent precious time, babes, precious hours trying to find a decent blog to read. But no- I’ve come across mummy blogs, white-collar-men blogs, people-who-exchange-their-values-for-more-views blogs, blogs and blogs about balderdash and absolutely no artful ingenuity to be expressed!

And here I was with my laptop on my lap, glassy- earnest- eyes, trying to e-connect with substance. Trying to find the wavelength that Capote and Harper Lee shared as writers. Inspiration. Thought provocation?

I guess class died with the classics. Inferior blogging can go to the deuce.



  1. Mendaxxx said,

    Rather, inferior blogging has gone to the deuce. What disgusts me the most is the third category of blogging I’ve mentioned in my post.

  2. mindoverpropaganda said,

    Agreed – we must start a revolution my blog-friend. Everyone in agreeent say AYE..


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