Strawberry Terror.

May 18, 2011 at 5:57 pm (Uncategorized)

Have you tasted camaraderie with rancor?

About a certain person, thing, situation? Ambivalent feelings that are completely antagonistic to each other, yet, perpetuate and instill themselves in the same human at the same time. The classic hate with love. Passion with languor.

Fear with security.

This combo when seen simultaneously in homo sapiens is frightening.


Miss Mimsy and Miss H. drive back home from college, vowing to stop by at a pizza place to collect the pizza they’d been craving for.

A bomb exploded! Somewhere close by. Cannot see, but sister of Mimsy calls her up asking her if she’s okay. They had drove past the site of attack just a few minutes from the time of the blast. Sister called to say,

go back home immediately and do not stop in the way.

They stopped by to collect their pizza. They even ate it on their way; even in their fear, their amazement. And enjoyed it as in a trance.


The Strawberry

I was travelling across a golden meadow when I encountered the
tiger. I fled, with the tiger close behind.

Coming to a precipice, I caught hold of a wild vine and swung myself
over the edge. The tiger sniffed my scent above.

Trembling, I looked down to the beach far below and saw a second
tiger pacing the sands. Only the vine sustained me.

Two mice, one black and one white, came out of a crevice and started
to gnaw away at the vine.

I saw a luscious strawberry nearby. Grasping the vine with one hand

I picked it with the other. How sweet it tasted!

(The poem was taken from Julian Assange’s old blog).


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